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Customized Service

An experience that truly resonates with a full measure of benefits

Because we work exclusively with high net worth families, we have developed a thorough understanding of the unique problems and opportunities that you may confront. This translates into a proven ability to obtain measurable and meaningful results for you, your business, and ultimately, your family. 

But we don't stop there. Through Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services, we have access to the preeminent ideas our company offers, and provide you with confidential, highly customized, personal service.

Personalized Client Case Review and Design Collaboration

As needed, we collaborate with other Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services members and our advance planning team to develop not only strategies, but also tactical solutions that help you toward your unique goals. This team-level approach to your financial plan will holistically address the complexities of your personal situation. During the process, you will have the opportunity to interact with these professionals via video conference or in-person. You can rest assured that your issues are being resolved by a qualified, credentialed, and competent group of professionals. 

Action Orientation

As a successful person, you are -- by nature -- a person of action. At Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services, we believe that a financial plan, in and of itself, has no power or force without actions you can implement to help improve your situation toward achieving your goals. Our orientation toward action dives us to deliver a financial plan that allows you to guide your fate, both today and in the future.

Concierge-Level Attention

We value your business and will cater to your needs and requests in a manner that earns your respect. You can count on us to drive the process at a pace that is appropriate for you. Our relationship will evolve, as will your financial plan, but you will always be treated to a timely, concierge-level experience -- from complex issue to minute detail. 

Serve First Philosophy

Our philosophy -- Serve First, Last and Always℠ -- drives the way we do business. We believe in providing our clients with clarity and solutions that help meet their needs. We believe that long-term relationships are more important than short-term gains, and will never sacrifice the former for the latter.

Conviction in what we do; the courage to help our clients to take action; competency based on continuing education and training; coordination of national resources on terms that benefit each client; and communication that builds understanding and trust -- these are the key qualities of "Serve First." And these are the commitments we make to each of our clients.